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Heavy Haulage Australia Wide

At Stribley Transport, we deliver leading transportation expertise in the heavy haulage industry for our clients. We provide a dependable & competitive solution for all your heavy haulage requirements with our specialised equipment and diverse transport modes. Our extensive network enables us to connect customers Australia wide with their suppliers and end consumers, from local heavy lift transport to long distance moves. Regardless how demanding the geography or how complex the lift, we work with our customers in the planning of each project to help ensure timely and effective completion.

Based out of North East Victoria, we are locally owned and operated family business, with a fleet that has the capability of transporting any size equipment, both locally and nationwide.

Stribley Transport covers a wide range of industries including Mining, Construction, Forestry, Agriculture and more.

We are well positioned in the industry to offer you advice on large projects or shutdown. We can also assist your freighting requirements, including global shipping.

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